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We are a community of scientists, entrepreneurs and industry experts driven by the belief that exploring quantum computing is the most important and consequential opportunity of this century.

Even though programmable computers are only a century old, we have already made information accessible and on-demand, learned how to sequence human genomes on scale, and created reusable rockets using sophisticated control systems.

So what is the next great frontier of exploration?

Quantum computing.

Quantum computing has the power to fundamentally change computing as we know it and to address real-world problems of great scientific importance. It is able to boost artificial intelligence, enable safer communication, and tackle previously unsolvable challenges in chemistry, climate, finance, and even describe physical systems on the quantum scale.

We are creating a quantum community for students and doctoral candidates that unlocks computing power, makes information processing sustainable, and enables new real-world solutions.

What is our exploration strategy?

To create the quantum workforce of tomorrow we connect inspiring people and foster exchange about quantum topics and engage growth as a collective.

We make quantum knowledge accessible and educate our members on groundbreaking discoveries in the quantum field.

We create opportunities for promising individuals to make a real impact by working on hands-on projects to apply quantum uses cases in the real word.

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Webinar: Starting Up the Quantum Revolution

Thursday, May 28, 2020

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM CEST

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